Tuesday, March 21, 2017

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Spring Time . . .

. . . well, okay, maybe not entirely. There is green beginning to bud in the trees and brush. And daffodils are everywhere. Those flowers to me are the harbingers of spring. Although, considering that there is usually some nasty weather after they make their appearance, they often seem confused, as well. And, indeed, this year, nice weather, daffodils and then, this last week, snow.

But the springtime I was really referring to was the kind that shows up in the stores with packets of seeds, garden tools and baby chicks.  It always makes me feel excited and hopeful. I always start out with high hopes.

 I bought my chicks a few weeks ago and they are in that awkward phase right now.

I started some seeds a couple of weeks ago and they are approaching that awkward phase too.

The weather is supposed to be better next week. It should be a good time for projects like building a new coop and getting the garden beds ready for some of these starts. The greens and the peas, anyway.

Three Good Things
1. Seeds
2. Peeps (Chicks)
3. Better weather is on the way.

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