Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Tiny Houses: The Answer To The Millenial Housing Crisis

I keep hearing about how Millenials are having difficulty finding affordable housing. I get it. Rent is up. Houses are expensive. Millenials are starting out with a lot more debt thanks to student loans. Every time I hear about millenials not being able to leave their parents houses or having to live with 16 roommates in order to make rent. I wonder, if they don't like it, why don't they seek out alternatives. I think the biggest problem is that they keep trying to live their lives based on out-dated strategies.

The economy crashed a few years ago. The rules changed. Stop trying to play by out-dated rules that somebody else came up with. When they change the game, you either have to adapt to the new rules-- which rarely works out in your favor, because you are allowing somebody else to call the shots (hence all those student loans)-- or you get out of the game and make up your own. In my opinion, choosing a tiny house is getting out of THEIR game.

So, here is my suggestion:Affordable Housing Alternatives

Good luck on your own journey to a sustainable lifestyle that suits you.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Foraging: Free Food

If you're into foraging, the abundance of summer stock is coming. Already berry trees and bushes are getting ready to do their thing around here. Black berries and black raspberries grow wild here, as well as wild grapes, mulberries and wild strawberries. Wild strawberries are tiny and don't have much flavor, so I usually don't take much interest in them.

The great thing is that you have all of this clean food with high nutrient content and it is absolutely free for the taking.

I am going to have a bumper crop of mulberries this year, so I will have to figure out what to do with them.