Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Just wanted to send some inspiration to anybody out there thinking about this sort of insanity in the form of a book recommendation.

Working on my foundation thinking about a few things.

And for anybody interested in the process:
I am setting my tiny on foundation blocks. I think the longest and most difficult-- hopefully the most time consuming-- part of this process is getting the foundation right. Everything has to be even and square. I think I have the blocks in the right places. Now, I just have to make sure each individual block is level. Once that is done, I can begin calculations for just how tall each 4 x 4 should be when it sits in its foundation block so that the platform can be level. If the foundation block that the 4 x 4 sits in is not level, then the 4 x 4 will be tilted. It is amazing how one little thing can throw everything else out of whack.

Anyway, I'm also building a fence around the site so that I will have some place where my dogs can hang.  I would love to have the money to buy top quality materials and encompass a large area. Unfortunately, I have no money. Fortunately, I have lots of used fencing materials from previous projects like chicken and garden fences.  I have just enough of those materials to build a decent fence for the dogs-- at least until I can afford something better.  But, knowing how way leads upon way . . .

So, for the inspiration part . . .

In spring of 2015 when I began thinking that I might do this, I went to the library-- the poor man's book store-- and looked up tiny houses.  I found one of Jay Shafer's books. But I also found a book by Dee Williams which made me incredibly happy because it was like a bonuses that you don't expect. A happy little surprise.  If Jay Shafer is the Father of the modern tiny house movement, Dee is the God Mother-- or Fairy God Mother. Before I got her book home, I just knew building my own tiny was something I had to do. Despite the fact that I knew it then, I still hemmed and hawed a bit because it is an insane idea and how am I supposed to accomplish it anyway?  In the end though, I just didn't see another option. Right or wrong, I just had to do it.

So, here I am, trying to set my foundation. I'm figuring out the project a piece at a time. I would have liked to have the whole thing completely planned before starting, but that is not how this one has gone.  Studying up a little at a time seems to be working though. Hopefully, I'll get this thing done before next spring.

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