Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Tiny Houses: The Answer To The Millenial Housing Crisis

I keep hearing about how Millenials are having difficulty finding affordable housing. I get it. Rent is up. Houses are expensive. Millenials are starting out with a lot more debt thanks to student loans. Every time I hear about millenials not being able to leave their parents houses or having to live with 16 roommates in order to make rent. I wonder, if they don't like it, why don't they seek out alternatives. I think the biggest problem is that they keep trying to live their lives based on out-dated strategies.

The economy crashed a few years ago. The rules changed. Stop trying to play by out-dated rules that somebody else came up with. When they change the game, you either have to adapt to the new rules-- which rarely works out in your favor, because you are allowing somebody else to call the shots (hence all those student loans)-- or you get out of the game and make up your own. In my opinion, choosing a tiny house is getting out of THEIR game.

So, here is my suggestion:Affordable Housing Alternatives

Good luck on your own journey to a sustainable lifestyle that suits you.

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